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18 May 2013 @ 03:07 am
[fiction] Lights Out  
Title: Lights Out
Word Count: 251
Rating: PG-13
Original/Fandom: Original
Pairings (if any): None
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con/etc): Slight language
Summary: They had to cross the bridge to get food, but the bridge seemed to be out of business at the moment.
Notes: Takes place in 2009

“It’s like a ghost town out here,” Alicia observed.

“Better a ghost town than a zombie town,” Kendra remarked dryly.

The sisters walked past the old video renting place. They had to cross the bridge to get to the Piggly Wiggly on the other side.

“What the hell?” Kendra said stopping in her tracks.

The old rusty bridge was broken. It was split cleanly in two and was sitting in the deep ditch that it had once stood over.

“What is this?” Alicia said stepping closer.

“Who would break the bridge?” Kendra asked walking behind her sister.

Alicia shook her head. Who was strong enough to even break the thing?

“Can we still get across?” Kendra asked.

Alicia surveyed the distance. The gap wasn’t entirely wide. It was possible for them to climb from the bottom of the ditch to the top.

“Yeah we can if you don’t have any aversion to getting dirty.”

Kendra shrugged. “Why would I? It’s not like there’s anyone around to see me.”

Alicia nodded. She jumped down into the ditch and motioned for Kendra to follow.

The two of them dug their nails into the cold dirt and began to climb. Alicia silently cursed, her nails would be broken.

Alicia pulled herself out on the other side. She held out her hand for Kendra.

Kendra pulled herself over. She brushed the dirt off her school skirt and then glanced up.


Alicia spun around quickly. The Piggy Wiggly across the street was dosed in flames.

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Astraea: astridlady_leia_solo on May 19th, 2013 03:37 am (UTC)
Aw haha thank you. When I was writing that sentence that thought popped up into my head and I just had to use it haha.

And there is something going on behind the scenes that I'm trying the work the kinks out XD

Thank you for commenting!